We have been at the heart of investment since 1995.

Our audience is responsible for managing over £2 trillion in private client money and generates nearly £8 billion in annual tax revenues for the UK Exchequer.

Our audience can be split into four key segments:

Private Banks
The Family Offices offer a broad, full-service to clients and range from investment advice in overseas markets down to regional advice to this ultra high net worth customer base.

Fund Selectors
Whether working in banks private banks, independent wealth management firms, insurers, stockbrokers or for networks these highly valuable group of researchers, analysts and asset allocators research and create the buy-lists for their firms. At the heart of the fund selection process, they are responsible for huge flows of asset under management across the industry.

Private Client Investment Managers (PCIMs)
The ‘private client investment manager’ segment is the traditional home of investment related financial services to wealthy individuals. PCIMs specialise in investment advice through creating portfolios and asset allocation models as well as ongoing portfolio management through the cycle.

Wealth Managers and Financial Planners
The IFA market in the UK has long been seen as a provider of financial planning and portfolio support to the retail market and mass affluent across the country.  This resilient, innovative and valuable group of professionals form a key part of the UK retail financial services market.

Our Data Partners

We work with independent data providers to ensure you reach the most engaged audiences.

Data is at the heart of our business. In addition to our own rigorous audience development program, we work alongside the two leading independent data providers within the retail investment market; Matrix Solutions and Equifax Touchstone. By working with them we ensure that we are reaching the right audience. In addition, we can work with them both to identify individuals working specifically within specific markets or products. This enables us to market the right content to the most relevant audience.

Equifax Touchstone provide market intelligence to the life, pension, investment, platform and mortgage industries as well as direct to financial advisers. The Equifax Touchstone intermediary database is currently used by more than 90 major financial services providers for market leading intelligence to drive their distribution strategy.

Matrix are a London-based business intelligence consultancy with nearly 30 years’ experience in gathering, using and adding value to the financial sector data. They provide the best, cleanest and most up-to-date UK financial databases. And, to enrich the data, Matrix offer software-based services that enable clients to interrogate and use their data intelligently.

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