Architas: Creating product and brand awareness within the high value IFA’s

The problem:

Architas’ campaign objective was to create product and brand awareness within the high value IFA’s, Wealth Manager and Discretionary audience. With this specific campaign, there was a particular focus on their Alternative funds.

The solution:

The annual campaign was split into two parts, the first fell in Q2 and the second in Q4.
In the first part of the campaign, the client needed us to step in at the last minute to help them produce and then distribute a content only led campaign, as they didn’t have any standard display or digital advertising.

We filmed a Q & A session with Lawrence Gosling, who interviewed 3 Fund Managers at Architas individually; this created the bulk of their content.

We utilised the video content and created the following:

  • 3 part videos series hosted on the video section of the website
  • 3 Industry Voice articles
  • 3 videos were uploaded to Financial Library for lead generation
  • 3 Double Page Spreads in the magazine
  • 3 videos hosted and promoted on the Industry Voice section of the website

In addition to the above, the client also contributed a 350 word Sponsors Comment to 3 features we ran in Investment Week

We then moved onto the larger part of the campaign, whereby the client wanted to continue the focus on their Alternative funds. The client had employed a design team by this point, so we were able to include some digital and display, full campaign details below:

  • 2 Infographic Videos
  • White papers and videos hosted on Financial Library
  • Industry Voice Articles
  • Cover-wraps
  • Sponsored Newsletters
  • Sponsors Comment on features
  • Insight project; includes a 16 page Supplement, homepage takeover and infographic video

The result:

The client was incredibly pleased with our Partnership. The entire campaign was implemented efficiently due to in-depth meetings and regular calls between the client, sales team and editorial. This helped us to manage expectations and collaborate on devising a realistic timeline with deadlines everyone could meet. The meetings were also a great opportunity for Architas to discuss the direction and angle they wished the Insight Supplement to take.

The client felt the overall campaign gave Architas great exposure through multiple platforms, and are now looking forward to 2016.

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