Scottish Widows: Creating thought leadership

The problem

The brief was to present Scottish Widows as a thought leader and an organisation that wanted to understand more about advisers. Education was a critical component of the campaign. The objective of their Marketing team was to help fill gaps in education within the adviser audience.

The Solution

Several meetings took place between our teams (Editors, Publishers, Sales), the SW team and the media and creative agencies. These meetings were initially a ‘fact finding’ exercise to make sure we understood the client’s requirements in detail. We then produced a 10 month campaign proposal including various components from our portfolio of products. These included video, content hosting, white paper creation and display advertising.

The key to the success of the campaign was a large piece of research which was used to ascertain how the audience felt about the client, the retirement market and where there were skill gaps. Following this research we could then remain flexible enough with the campaign to react to its findings.

The campaign ran throughout 2014 and now into 2015. The central component of the campaign was Incisive Media’s unique Retirement Planner hub ( ). This is a microsite created, hosted and marketed which housed all of the content created during the campaign.

The Result

The campaign successfully raised the profile of the sponsor as an organisation which understands the challenges facing advisers at such an important time for the retirement sector. Over 7,000 individuals visited the Hub. More than 2,000 video views and individual reports exceeding 500 downloads which exceeded the original targets.