iShares: Generating high brand visibility on multiple platforms

The problem

iShares wanted presence and a high share of voice and visibility. They also wanted to communicate with Investment Week’s audience on every available platform.

The Solution

iShares agreed to a multi-platform display solution. In print, the various creative executions were all positioned against appropriate editorial content in the features section of the magazine. In addition, they also gained presence through a series of cover-wraps. In the desktop digital space they bought both directly-targeted inventory and re-targeted impressions to ensure that their message reached an engaged and receptive audience. And, finally, they became the first sponsors of the Investment Week app edition – delivering through a multi-message ad solution.

The Results

The initial campaign was booked to run in Q1 2014 – based on these results, they have continued to repeatedly book ALL elements of the original campaign, and amplify this with additional weight of impressions in both print and digital. They have also continued to be the sole sponsor of the iPad edition.