To effectively market your brand, services and products, you need to fully understand who your customers are and how they behave. Understanding their fears, behaviours, their motivations and what information they consume. A deep understanding of the wealth management market is the key to making sure your message is being delivered to the right people at the right time.

This resources section is a collection of industry research reports, blogs, articles and best-practice guides that we think will help you gain a better understanding of the challenges, opportunities and ever changing trends of the asset management and financial services markets.

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Industry Insight

| Monday, Sep 18 2017

5 Key Findings From Investment Week’s Inducement Study

Once upon a time, corporate hospitality roamed free over the UK’s financial services landscape. But over the last decade, that’s all changed, with MiFID, The UK Bribery Act and the Retail Distribution Review all placing heavier restrictions on the entertainments that adviser firms are allowed to accept. With MiFID II – the most restrictive regulation […]

| Wednesday, Aug 09 2017

Proving ROI on content marketing in asset management

WORDS BY TOM WRIGHT, DIRECTOR OF CONTENT & PERFORMANCE MARKETING SERVICES, INCISIVE MEDIA Coming as I do from the tech sector, I’ve had to get used to a new set of financial acronyms, some of them confusing: IT has changed from Information Technology to Investment Trust, CIO has ceased to mean Chief Information Officer – […]

| Monday, Jul 03 2017

‘Smarketing’: strategies for sales and marketing alignment

By Nick Laurance, Content Strategist, Incisive Media The marketing and sales misalignment debate is well trodden. It suggests that marketers fail to link advertising dollars spent to actual sales made, so Sales can’t see the value of marketing efforts. And, because the groups are poorly coordinated, Marketing’s new product announcements often came at a time […]

| Thursday, Nov 24 2016

Content Marketing in the Asset Management Industry

According to our research, 89% of asset management firms use content marketing, but less than half have a documented strategy in place for it. Just how good are asset managers at content marketing? What types of content are being produced? And how is successful content marketing measured? In this report we look at all these […]

| Tuesday, Aug 09 2016

What does the average financial advisory firm look like?

Do you know what the average modern day financial advisory looks like? This infographic presents some of the key statistics generated from a recent study conducted by Cerulli Associates in partnership with Investment Week and Professional Adviser. View more resources