Five things we learned at the Investment Marketing & Innovation Conference 2017


Working together for empowerment was one of the key themes that came through at Investment Week’s Marketing & Innovation Conference in London last month.

Marketers from across the investment industry gathered in London’s Brewery for the conference which featured presentations from several experts including Jonathan Burston of Starcount, Pauline Bush of Hermes Investment Management and Tamara Cizeika of Allen & Overy, on topics ranging from understanding the end customer, how to collaborate effectively with agencies, managing regulatory requirements, multi-channel digital marketing, and how to appeal to the millennial audience.

In particular, speakers told of how the industry needed to work together to become more transparent and use aspirational content to empower their sectors and thought leadership ideas.

Below we have condensed the best takeaways from the day into five key points:

1. Get to know your end customers

Jonathan Burston, Client Director at Starcount explained that, although intermediaries may be in a more client-facing role, it is nonetheless very important for fund houses to understand their end customers and to build up a relationship with them.

Doing so will ultimately allow IFAs to sell the fund house’s products more effectively, which benefits everyone in the chain.

2. Good teamwork = Longevity + consistency

Artemis’ Profit Hunter campaign – now in its 14th year – is arguably one of the most successful long-running campaigns in the asset management arena and Caroline O’Donnell, Marketing Director of Artemis Investment Management, and Mark Brandis, Managing Partner at creative agency Libertine, gave us a short history of how the idea came about and has been sustained via a series of key changes.

The campaign’s success is based on several factors:

• Artemis’s Board embrace the importance of marketing
• Artemis and Libertine’s long term working relationship
• The consistency of Artemis’ marketing team and Libertine’s creative team over that time

A long and consistent relationship fosters trust, effective communication, and ultimately allows good ideas to flourish.

3. Regulation: Be wary of following the crowd

Tamara Cizeika, Counsel at Allen & Overy, warned marketers not to underestimate the purposefulness of the FCA. The regulator is more than prepared to put its resources into effecting huge changes in the industry– the 6 year gestation of RDR being is a case in point.

When it comes to effective compliance, Cizeika cautions against simply copying what your peers are doing. There’s a big gap between what the regulations expect of you and market practice. Copying your peers is really the minimum you should do. A far more effective way of mitigating your risk is to get your compliance team to set up a sound internal policy.

4. Technology: Use the Marketing Stack to measure ROI

Pauline Bush, Marketing Director of Hermes Investment Management offered some important best practice tips for optimising your use of the marketing stack:

• Set clear objectives
• Understand your legacy systems
• Understand where you and your customers are on the digital maturity index
• Take time to evaluate your new products
• Commit to your new software – and make sure you tackle any snags
• Use agencies to expedite the adoption of new systems

But remember also that tech is a means to an end, not the end itself. The bigger goal of marketing is to facilitate the sales team, and to remove friction from the transaction process.

5. Millennials want ‘hipster capitalism’

Craig Freeman, Director of Innovation and Development at Lamb & Brand formula gave us an insight into the behaviours and traits of the millennial generation – a growing cohort in the end investor market.

Millennials combine hippie ethics with yuppie consumer preferences. To them, profit is not evil in and of itself – it’s about how that profit is used.

To tap into this market more effectively, Freeman advises that you gear your marketing around the following principles.

• Transparency
• Aspiration
• Positive Impact
• Tolerance
• Empowerment

But remember that millennials are fickle too, so you need to be constantly feeding them relevant content in order to keep them interested and loyal.

And that concludes our wrap up of the Investment Marketing and Innovation Conference.