Six things we learned from the Investment Marketing and Social Media Conference 2016

Are you wondering how your business can better leverage the power of social media?

You’re certainly not alone.

That’s why we asked several industry experts for their views at our recent Investment Marketing and Social Media Conference, held at London’s Jumeirah Carlton Tower on Friday 18th November 2016.

The event taught us an enormous amount, so we’ve condensed down all of that expertise into 6 top tips for social media success.

1. Stop talking about yourself

It’s a conversation killer.

Show me an interesting person, and I’ll show you someone who’s talking about other people, not themselves.

Why should your content be any different?

“Instead of talking about yourself, talk about your audience” advises Jaime Pham, Content Marketing and Social Media Consultant at LinkedIn EMEA. And, for the best results, make your stories relevant to them and make those stories inspirational.

2. Track the touch points

How many pieces of content do consumers engage with before making an investment decision?

The answer, on average, is 10. And if that sounds staggeringly big, remember that generation X and millennial clients tend to want to go and seek their own financial information.

To attract these consumers, you need to anticipate what the 10 touch points are likely to be – i.e. what questions consumers will have at the beginning of their journey, and how their information needs will develop as they approach decision o’clock.

Once you’ve mapped out this journey, roll out a programme of content which can guide and influences them at each stage.

3. Don’t make ‘going viral’ your aim

It sounds mad, doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want their video content to go viral?

You might even be tempted to make it your main aim.

But, according to Simon Ryan of SJR Media Rocks, if you really want your video content to perform well, don’t put a premium on going viral.

“Instead,” he advises, ”start by thinking about the feeling or action that you want to produce in the person viewing your video. Then create a brief based on this.”

Viewers tend to start losing interest after 10 seconds, so focus on short form video content, but don’t be tempted to cram it with information because of this. Be clear on what you want your story to be, and stick to telling it.

4. Share content through your employees a.k.a. “Employee activation”

If you want your content to explode, get your employees to share it.

Employees are a hugely influential but under-tapped resource when it comes to increasing the reach of your content, revealed Jaime Pham of LinkedIn.

“Every six pieces of content an employee shares on LinkedIn influences six job views, three company page views, one company page follower, six profile views and two new connections.”

One extra bit of advice though – your company leaders need to be clear with employees on what is and, crucially, what isn’t okay to share.

5. Run globally, execute locally

“Regulations have borders. Social media does not,” advised Kathryn Sutton of Schroders and Lucy Frew of law firm, Walkers.

So how do you manage a global social media campaign which touches many different jurisdictions?

Delegate the implementation of your global strategy to your local in-country teams.

Key questions you should ask yourself include: which model should govern the relationship between our global and local teams? And what should the balance of power should be between them?

6. Modernise, but don’t alienate

The client experience is everything.

“89% of companies expect to compete based on client experience now, compared to 36% just four years ago”, revealed Chris Andrew, Managing Director of Hearsay Europe – a marketing solutions company specialising in the adviser-client space.

And this trend is something which the retail investment industry is alive to.

But in some cases the focus on new digital direct channels has actually had an adverse effect, causing existing clients like advisers and wholesalers, who tend to use more traditional channels, to be left behind.

To mend the damage, companies should bring their advisers along for the digital transformation journey. That means modernising your core business and ensuring your digital direct channels offer the same customer experience as ones like email, web, social media and text.

And that, dear reader, is a wrap.

We hope that you’ve found our 6 top tips helpful. Do fire away with any questions you may have.

In fact, why not join us on Tuesday March 21st 2017 for our Investment Content Marketing Conference?

There, you’ll have the chance to quiz the experts in person on your most pressing content marketing queries.

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We hope to see you there.