The Fund Marketers’ Playbook – Winter 2017/2018

Introducing The Fund Marketer’s Playbook

Insight, tactics & strategies to engage with fund selectors

About this report

Via Investment Week’s audience and the high profile delegates who attend our events, we have access to the most influential fund professionals in the business. We are launching this series of research products to share insight from this group with our clients.

What it contains

What do senior fund selectors make of the range of products and solutions on offer from the fund groups in 2017?

Which fund launches have stood out from the crowd this year and caught their attention? What helps get a fund on to the ‘watch list’, and then ultimately into the buy list and to clients’ portfolios?

What gaps remain in key fund sectors, and what opportunities for innovation and differentiation might fund groups pursue in 2018?

These are some of the questions answered in the first Fund Marketers’ Playbook from Investment Week, a brand new research series delivering actionable insight on how to engage with a senior fund selector audience.

Why people should want it

There is no shortage of research reports in the industry that cover broad preferences (e.g. x% of fund buyers expect to increase their allocation to a certain asset class). This report goes a step further. As well as uncovering valuable insights into fund selectors’ buying processes and preferences, we created hypothetical funds in each sector to test what features and descriptions resonate with this incredibly high-value audience to help marketers design effective campaigns

The report is the product of a series of in-depth interviews with senior industry names, including: BMO Global’s co-head of the multi-manager team, Gary Potter; Jupiter’s Amanda Sillars; Tom Slocock, head of global investment group at Deutsche Bank Wealth Management and Whitechurch Securities’ head of research, Ben Willis, as well as an online survey of the Investment Week audience. All this quantitative and qualitative data has been processed and refined into a focused report full of actionable insight, strategies and ideas.

If you sell or market retail funds to professional fund buyers, this report is for you.

For more information on The Fund Marketers’ Playbook, please contact Julie Best on [email protected]