Reaching key intermediaries with content marketing – the must read guide

Investment content marketers face challenges in disseminating their content to key intermediaries.

How much content should they produce?

How much should be specifically about product, and how much should look at markets?

Marketers must walk a line between what financial intermediaries really want – detailed, impartial, accurate information about markets – and their own key objectives: positioning and selling investment vehicles.

Tom Wright, Director of Content & Performance Marketing Services at Incisive Media has put together 5 simple rules to follow to strike the right balance and get the message across.

Read this to learn:

  • The importance of timing in the distribution of your thought leadership content
  • Why you should avoid being a ‘spreadsheet jockey’
  • How writing in legalese can create problems
  • The similarities and differences between the ‘purpose of content marketing’ and the ‘purpose of journalism’



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